April 20 The AFC American Association Sidst udgivet den 20-04-2016

American American Football League (American Football Conference, referred to as the AFC or AP) which is one of two NFL Federation. United States American National Football League and American Football Federation (NFC) co-founded in the 1970s in the American League after the country combined. In addition to the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens after the originally agreed to join the 10 teams already have the AP, the other NFL teams belong to the League of Nations. This arrangement is not affected by these initial cities fans welcome.
AFC fans are disappointed because AFC abandon the original name and logo NFL- joined the hated enemy before, replaced by a combined alliance Midland created a logo similar to the original AFL, especially the letter A and six surrounding stars. AP logo was created substantially from 1970 onwards, and nothing has changed, even if the letter A, unlike bold debut as conspicuous. Because of unknown factors, AFC A logo is blue, but the AP is red(Read More:
Since the merger, five expansion teams joined the American League, and the two had left, they are now 16 teams. When the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976 to join the alliance, they temporarily individual was in the National League and American League. This arrangement lasted a year until both teams converted Association. Seahawks finally joined the League of Nations in 2002. Another expansion team, the Jacksonville Jaguars joined AP in 1995.